Cardio Workout Plans For Women

Cardio Workout Plan For Women

Cardio Workout Plan For Women

As the summer time is approaching quickly, we all want to get that beach body and it starts with a cardio workout plan. Today’s article is a few cardio workout exercises that pertain mainly to the female gender. These cardio workout plans will be a fat burning exercise routine that can be done in about an hour to accommodate our busy work schedules. Keep in mind though that these cardio workouts must be done on a routine basis. Before starting any cardio workout plan, you should see your doctor and see if there are any exercises that you are not able to do. For all of these exercises that we are about to introduce, be sure that you are drinking lots of fluids in order to stay hydrated. Let’s begin looking at some of these great heart pumping cardio workout plans for women.

Here is a great cardio workout plan to torch 200 calories in less than 20 minutes with this fat-burning, muscle sculpting plan. A program like this one we are about to introduce will challenge your body with several fat-burning exercises. These cardio exercises include jumping rope, the squat thrust, the kettle bell swing and several other moves that burn major calories in a short period of time. Many of these exercises work multiply muscles groups such as your legs, chest, arms, and abs. These heart pumping exercises will ramp up your metabolism and maximize your results.

Cardio Workout Plan One:

For our first set of cardio workouts for women, we will start off with the hardest cardio workout plan you have ever seen. A cardio workout plan like this will leave you exhausted and is not for the faint of heart. Here is a typical run through of this cardio workout plan:

5 minutes of jumping rope
30 minutes on the elliptical machine
10 Squat Jumps
5 Minutes of jumping rope
10 Kettle Bell Swings with the appropriate weight

Cardio Workout Plan Two:

The second set of cardio workout plans for women will include some abdominal exercises to work that mid section away. Keep in mind that you want to rest as little as possible when performing these exercises.

30 Minutes on the Treadmill
20 Kettle Bell Swings
30 Abdominal Crunches
5 Minutes of Jumping Rope

Cardio Workout Plan Three:

Within this cardio workout plan, we have a very simple set that involves some abdominal exercises but mainly using the machines to wear your body down. Here is the last of our set of cardio workout plans for women:

45 Minutes of the Fitness Bike
10 Minutes of Plank Exercises
30 Abdominal Crunches
5 Minutes of Jumping Rope

All of these cardio workout plans are great to add to your own basic cardio workout plan. They should be very appealing to those who want that beach body in time for summer. We hope you enjoy our cardio workout plans for women segment.

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