Cardio Workout Plan for Men

Cardio Workouts For Men

Cardio Workout Plan for Men

A cardio workout is something you don’t hear about from many guys that lift in the gym. Many guys think that lifting is the only exercises they need to do in the gym. Sticking to just one set of exercises doesn’t allow your body to grow. A cardio workout is one way to switch up your routine and to tone up as well.

Why Have A Cardio Workout Plan For Men

While everyone is different and they have different goals in mind, a cardio workout is not a bad thing to do everyone once and a while. If you’re a lifter and like to only lift, add a cardio workout into the mix to tone up. Toning up is just like the bulking phases and cutting phases that those who lift know about. These phases need to be done just like cardio workouts need to be done and added to the mix. The problem for most guys is to create a cardio workout for men that appeal to you.

Cardio workouts for men are workouts that should combine all aspects of strength and endurance training that can get the heart really pumping. Here are three sets of cardio workouts for men that should appeal and can be added to your basic cardio workout plan.

Cardio Workout One:

For our first set of cardio workouts for men, we start off with the hardest cardio workout yet. This cardio workout is for those who are well-fed and well-rest and relies on multiple bursts of all-out work. Here is a typical run through of this cardio workout:

10 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees
A 100 Meter Sprint
10 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees
A 100 Meter Sprint

For this cardio workout, you want to perform it twice and take about a five minute walk or jog. When you’re ready, you can perform this cardio workout two more times.

Cardio Workout Two

The second set of cardio workouts for men uses weights to achieve its ends. These sets of exercises are called complex exercise routines because they incorporate weights with a cardio workout. In order to perform these exercises correctly, you need to do the set three times with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

15 Front Squats
10 Military Presses
15 Romanian Deadlifts
10 Bent Rows
15 Shrugs

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t be lifting a lot of weight on these exercises. The concept of this cardio workout is to move from one exercise smoothly to the next, without having to stop and let your muscles rest. Complexes may look relatively easy since the weight is relatively light but running through them and not allowing your muscles to rest is very difficult.

Cardio Workout Three

Within this cardio workout set, we have a very simple, yet a bit hard set. This set blends a number of cardiovascular exercises into a single workout. Here is the last of our cardio workouts for men:

One Mile Run
Five Miles on a Bike
Two Thousand Miles of Rowing – If Possible

A routine like the one above is very nice because it is purely cardio and easy to do in a gym. Many of these distances are short so you should be able to take about a minute break and repeat about five times.

All of these cardio sets are great to add to your basic cardio workout plan. They should all be very appealing to men looking for a challenge to add to their already extensive exercise routine. We hope that you like our cardio workouts for men segment.

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